Soar Capital Group is a real estate investment firm specializing in Multifamily & Mobile Home Park Value-Add Projects.

SOAR with us as we achieve greater heights! 





We specialize in:

Multifamily Properties

Mobile Home Parks

Value-Add Projects

Why do we focus on multifamily properties and mobile home parks?

These are among the strongest commercial real estate asset classes as far as upside potential. Not only are they lucrative, they are recession resistant which makes them a safe asset class for investors.

Our expert team provides the skills needed to manage underperforming properties, and create clean, safe and functional housing in our communities.

What You See: Distressed and Under-Performing Properties


What WE See: Tons of Potential!

The SOAR Model

How It Works

Source Deals

We find off market deals through a large network of broker relationships & direct to seller marketing.

Oversee Investments

Our experienced management teams oversee property acquisitions, underwriting and project management.

Add Value

We target under-performing, mis-managed & distressed  assets we can add-value to through strategic renovations and operations.


We achieve greater outcomes for our investors and tenants by providing efficient management and skilled operations.

Our Mission

To provide clean, safe housing for our residents, stable passive returns for our investors and growth opportunities for our team. 

Meet the Founders

Clay Rockwood


Bryan Martineau


Clay and Bryan started as average Joe’s with dreams of financial freedom and a passion for real estate investing back in 2007. For years, they hustled for each door, learning the ins-and-outs of the industry. They acquired expertise in finding highly profitable deals and added new doors to their portfolio each year.


Only 14 years later, they now own 700+ doors and lead a team of experts – including operations and management teams, contractors, and business professionals – while also fostering a close-knit network of brokers in 5 markets!


Today, their dreams of moving to larger and more lucrative projects are realized with Soar Capital Group. Together with their team, they execute on their business plans with discipline, to achieve the best possible results. 

Investment Opportunities

Commercial real estate, multifamily and mobile home communities can yield great returns over time.

But these often require millions – more than one person can invest.

That’s why building generational wealth is HARD to do alone. Some might even say impossible.

SOAR Capital Group gives investors an opportunity to invest with us in large multifamily projects, and share in the wealth.

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